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— Jonathan L.


Hannah was initially drawn to yoga to balance the physical exertion of her marital arts training.  Through a regular practice she soon discovered the mental and emotionally balancing energy that can be channelled through the practice.. It was this that kept her coming back.  Over 10 years later, through highs, lows, distractions, unravellings and discoveries along the way, it still continues to do so.   

An ever present wanderlust and a passion for yoga has taken Hannah around the world and back home now to London where she  teaches and massages across the capital. 

Hannah completed her first vinyasa training in Nicaragua. Both her personal practice and her intentions for teaching were later transformed under the guidance of Kate Ellis leading her to explore deeper therapeutic levels to her work. Despite a natural tendency towards the more yang side of life ,and to herself, it is the softer yielding qualties of yin yoga that perhaps resonate the greatest. Hannah travelled to Vancouver to study yin yoga with the awesome Bernie Clark and Diana Batts whose teachings continue to inspire her daily.  More recently, delving a little deeper, she studied thai yoga massage with Ralf Marzden at Mudita School of Thai Yoga Massage.

Movement and touch  as a means to connect with the self, with others, and the power that brings is what drives and inspires Hannah.    Her teaching style is shaped by her own  ever-evolving  exploration of yoga, meditation and somatic movement practices, as well as her background in martial arts.  

Off the mat Hannah has over a decade of experience working with people affected by mental health and long-term physical health conditions..  She has helped hundreds of employees and their employers  to reduce stress, manage mental health and combat bullying the workplace.. Alongside teaching and massage she currently works with the NHS, third sector and the government, advocating for policy change to improve the health and work outcomes for people with neurological and other long-term health conditions.