In Motion : PLAY


with Jonathan Shanks and Hannah Verghese

2.30pm - 4.30pm, Saturday 8th June 2019. Yonder E17. £25. Book your place here

What would it mean for you to move with enjoyment as the only objective? When was the last time that you moved without an agenda? Not training or perfecting a skill, and not trying to “get it right”. The last time you allowed yourself to truly play?

These are some of the questions that shape this workshop. We offer you a space to re-discover what it means to play. Movement situations, partner games and exercises, inviting curiosity, creativity, unpredictability and adaptability. An opportunity to move in ways that you might not have experienced before. To take your joints through their full range of motion, accessing greater awareness of your spine as well as finding a sense of agility and lightness on your feet. An invitation to move from a place of intuition and a felt-space within your body.

“In Motion” is a series of movement workshops which explore different concepts and questions in relation to human connection.

Hannah is a yoga and movement teacher, and a Thai yoga massage therapist.  Prior to this, she spent over a decade working with people living with mental health and neurological conditions. She has a background in martial arts, having practised and competed for many years, and now trains in aerial circus.

Jonathan is a yoga and movement teacher, and a nutritional therapist, specialising in chronic health management. He is also a TRE practitioner (trauma releasing exercises) and works closely with people to help them meet their body and release stored trauma and tension that resides within the nervous system.

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