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Hannah’s hands have a kind of magic to them. I am lifted off elsewhere during massage sessions. Her unique style combines my love of yoga and movement with deep relaxation, so I keep coming back for more.
— Melissa, East London

Thai yoga massage is an ancient form of therapeutic bodywork which combines acupressure and applied yoga stretching. It is a full body therapy which which relieves muscular tension, calms the nervous system and balances energy in the body. Treatments are carried out on a futon or a mat on the floor. You are asked to wear comfortable clothing to receive the treatment that you can move easily in. At its essence Thai yoga massage is a practice of “metta” or loving kindness and becomes a moving meditation for therapist and receiver.

Thai Yoga massage works on the notion that there is a system of energy lines (known as sen lines) in the body. When blockages appear along these lines the energy is unable to flow freely and this effects our health and wellbeing. Over a session, or course of sessions ,we will work on releasing blockages and restoring the free flowing energy as well as particular “problematic” or tense areas. Thai yoga massage is great for people looking to deeply relax, support their general wellbeing and relieve any aches, pains and tension in the body. Clients I work with have reported particular benefits for a number of ailments and health conditions including headaches, stress and anxiety, insomnia, ibs and digestive issues, endometriosis and back pain.

Pregnancy thai yoga massage

Thai Yoga Massage is fantastic during pregnancy.  The massage is carried out fully clothed with you lying on your side to be able to treat your whole body, including back, whilst supported by bolsters and cushions.  The treatment will be tailored to  you to meet your body's needs and the stage of pregnancy you are at.  It is very beneficial for back pain, sciatica, reducing discomfort and deep relaxation and rejuvenation at any stage of your pregnancy.

Prices & bookings:

I hour: £60

1 hour and a half: £85

2 hours: £105

At least 90 minutes is recommended for your first treatment to allow time for consultation and full body treatment.

Appointment Locations:

Clinic appointments are available at:

Leyton: Leyton Holistic, 691 High Rd Leyton, London E10 6RA - book via email

Walthamstow: Yonder, 6 Hooker’s Road, Walthamstow, London E17 6DP- book via email

Thai yoga massage appointments are also available at your home or workplace in East London, North London, Central London. Additional charges may apply. Please Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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