Yoga for stress, anxiety and burnout

15:30pm - 17:30pm, Saturday 9th March 2019, East of Eden E17

In this workshop we'll explore what is happening in our bodies when we experience these these normal human responses and how we can draw upon, and adapt, our practice to support ourselves You will learn tools and techniques from yoga, breathwork, self-massage and other therapeutic movement modalities that can be used to calm the nervous system at times of stress, anxiety and burnout.

Prior to becoming a yoga teacher Hannah spent over a decade supporting people living with mental health and chronic health conditions in workplace and healthcare settings. She draws on this, as well as her own personal experiences with anxiety, and finding refuge in her practice, to inform this carefully curated workshop.

No previous yoga experience necessary. Early booking advised.

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"This was a great workshop. Hannah clearly has a lot of personal and professional experience in the area and I felt the sense of being able to trust her guidance. It felt intimate and welcoming. There were moments of smiling, joy, moments of emotion and plenty of space to process them.I was noticeably calmer for days afterwards."

- Workshop attendee, Walthamstow, May 2018

This workshop sold out in under 2 weeks last time. Booking strongly advised.